Data Centers with an eye for the future…

Whether big or small, data centers serve as the heartbeat of every organization. If your center isn’t designed properly, it can place your company at an increased risk for security breaches, power outages and other IT-related issues.

Here at LCN, we understand just how critical your Network Center is to your organization’s success. Our fully-licensed & certified technicians design and install each network to create as stable an IT infrastructure as possible. By integrating top-notch customer service with best-of-breed hardware and software components, you can rest assured knowing your Data Center will take advantage of the most productive and cost-effective technologies available on the market today – whether it be core system servers or peripheral enhancements.

From exploring the latest trends and best practices to determining what kind of infrastructure to put into place; our highly experienced staff will help you wade through the sea of new products and innovations to help you find a solution that is the best fit for your organization.

Simply put, “our computers are down again!” are words no one wants to hear.

In fact, downtime is simply no longer acceptable in today’s increasingly connected world. Whether server rack temperatures are high or you’re suffering from surprise power failures, our fully-trained maintenance staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help address your needs as quickly as possible. This means that not only will you have an expertly designed data center, but you’ll have the support and expertise at your disposal to keep it operating at a high level and avoid costly downtime.